torsdag den 1. november 2012

September Goodiebox

So recently, as you all know I've signed up for the goodiebox order, and my do I love it! I have received some good stuff every month, for like 110Dkr!

A lot of the products are about 300kr and it's something I could never afford on my own.

So here is the september box (I know... I'm late but the box comes in at the end of the month)
And what was in the box DUN DUN DUUU
Out of the 3 boxes i have received these past 3 months, this one has been my favorite so far.
Why? Because last month I was like.. "oh I ran out of liquid eyeliner... maybe I should get a new one.. but argh! low on cash"
"Oh yeah Maybe i should get a new eyebrow kit, because I don't have one, and I AM lacking eyebrows... thank you genes"
But then Tada!!!
In the box was:
1. Orofluido (hair oil) full size 129Dkr
This oil is so great, it doesn't look greasy in your hair, and it smells so nice of vanilla. I use this either before I take a bath or when I'm styling my hair. It actually keeps my hair looking healthier and it funny enough, does not make my hair look ew greasy after a few days.

2. Eyebrow kit from Oriflame Full size 69 Dkr
Awesome small kit that you can have in your purse, and it contains 1 mirror, 2 brushes, 2 powders in light brown and dark brown and wax. This is very easy to use even if you have no experience in using eyebrow powder and wax. The angle brushes makes it easy to make fuller brows.

3. Oriflame Eyeliner stylo Full size 110Dkr
Thick fluid eyeliner, easy to use and lasts all day

(Sry guys I have no pictures of the rest of the products since it was samples)

4. Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3-in-1 Sample, full size costs 149 Dkr
I've tried this one in the stores, and it's very light and has a good coverage, it reminds me a bit of a light BB-cream.

I had to copy paste that one becasue the name was so long 
This one I haven't tried yet so I can't give a proper review on this one, and it's only a sample I got, so when I got it, I wasn't like OMG! I have to try this. But.... It does smell like cacao.

6. Loverdose L'eau de toilette Sample size. Full size costs 275Dkr
Girly smell of flowers. But this perfume is not one that you can build up, since the smell is a bit strong.

7.David Beckam The Essence
I gave this one to my brother since.. it's a male perfume, but it did have a nice scent, and it wasn't to strong.

I really love the goodieboxes, and I save so much money just by being a member, plus I can blog about it dooo''h 

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  1. Wow hvor er det fedt!
    Jeg går ud fra at det er hos Oriflame du tilmeldte dig?
    Hvor meget betaler man? (*^◡^*)

  2. Nej det er på og det koster 110 kr om måneden for at få sådan en box :) Men det kræver at man er lidt open minded med hensyn til hvad man for. Da det kan være ALLE mulige ting man for.