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A few days ago, when I was visiting family my uncle asked me if I had seen the video, with the girl who committed suicide. I told him no I haven't seen it, but I have heard about it on the news. My aunt from Australia had come by for a quick visit, from France to Denmark and back again. So my focus wasn't that much on the news and what was going on around the world. Normally I'm quite updated and I know what goes on around me.
At first I didn't know if I wanted to see the video, since it might open some old scars of mine. I saw it recently and I cried for her and I couldn't help but feel so sorry for how the mind of the young people works.
I always get heartbroken when I hear about someone taking their own life. Life is just way to precious for someone to go and take their own life.

I was bullied from kinder garden, to middle school, and until high school, I thought it was horrible; the only time when it actually almost stopped was in 8-9th grade and again in my 3'rd year of high school. I remember every episode so well; I remember how I always got into a fight with another child, in kindergarten, so that I actually came home with bruisers all over my face. My father got so upset, but no one else in the kinder garden did anything about it, and we are talking about me being 4-5 years old, and already there the bullying started. Why? Because I was different, we lived on the countryside, and Asian people were a rare sight to se. So my black hair and brown eyes stood out a lot, and I constantly got into fights! I later joined my father in the martial arts world at the age of 5, and it helped me put a stop on the bullying, and the child who bullied me never touched me again, and told me he was sorry and he just wanted to tease.

But there is a BIG difference between teasing and bullying, when you tease you know when to stop, when you bully you don't, then you really want to hurt someone, even though you might not be aware of it. 
When I moved into middle school I was bullied the first few years, and got into fights again, but it didn't last long, since it was a private French middle school they were quite strict with the none bullying, and because we all were mixed ethnicity it didn't matter how you looked like, which country you were from, because we were all so different and the school was based in central Copenhagen, and all the children were so nice, so the best time I had was actually at the French school in Copenhagen.
Then we moved closer to the city, and due to my parents struggling with picking me up on time, since I was always the last one to be picked up from school. I had to move school, to a school that was closer to our new home, and the first few years on that school was horrible. I remember how my school bag was tossed into a garbage can, and how they always hid my school stuff, and how they always poured me with water, and how I would go home soaking wheat, and how I was always teased with how different I looked, and they even placed sausages in my hoodies, GOSH it was disgusting. I really thought that there was something wrong with me, and I always asked myself, why is it that I HAVE TO look so different, so I keept on blaming everything on myself.
But compared to others I was actually quite lucky I had friends that came to my aid and said stop, this is not okay, and I am forever thankful for them, because without them I would never have made it through. They always told me everything is going to be alright, and don’t mind them they are just stupid and there is nothing wrong with you. 

I don’t think that the youngsters realize how much of an impact and scaring they actually make when they bully, because there are some people who are not fortunate enough to have someone by their side. Amanda just needed 1 person, just one person outside her family to say that everything was going to be alright. So please look around you, and say/ask “STOP!/how are you? Are you okay?” because there are some people who actually need to say no I’m not okay, instead of just brushing it off and leaving them to themselves. Many people grow stronger from bullying, but they always need someone to support them, so please help them and be there for those who needs someone, but don’t do it out of pity or because you HAVE TO! NO! But because you actually want to do it, so think before you act.
I was mainly bullied with my looks, I was a lot younger than everyone else, so I was pretty much late with my “evolvement” into puberty and I no looks, no boobs, no ass, I was really nerdy and corny, and in high school there was even crazy rumors about me, and I lost a couple of friends from that. But it helped me “clean” out the bad people and the good people, how? Well your true friends will know that it’s not true, even if they don’t speak to you, about it they know if something’s wrong, the bad people are those who chooses to believe in the stories and then cut you off.

People change so much with time, and I have absolutely no problems now, because I have such awesome people around me, and my looks have improved a lot. I just needed to always tell myself, you know what you are a lot younger than the rest, and you are Asian so of course you develop everything a lot slower.
But I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t have my friends during all these troubling times, so I want to take a moment and thank them. THANK YOU! For always being there for me, and telling me that everything would be alright and it did, I couldn’t have done it without you (so cheesy <3 font="font">

(How to stop the bullying.. stand up for yourself! YOU have to say stop! and that enought is enough!)

Thank you for reading this very personal blogpost, but bullying has to be stopped and people need to be aware that it’s out of the question to bully someone, so in order to help others who are being bullied and give them hope, I am tagging all my readers to tell about their opnion on bullying and if they have been bullied to tell their stories.

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