onsdag den 17. oktober 2012

Kate Moss Lipstick review

 (BEWARE.. a bit photo kissy mouth spam)

I've been in love with the Kate Moss packaging lipstick for at while. I love her signature and the mate case, it makes it so pretty.

 Plus i really love the rimmel crown on top of the lipstick, I know it sounds stupid but the colors of the cases makes it look SO sexy!!
I have über dry lips, so I was really exited to try this out, since the commerciel said that it should be quite soft, smooth and hydrating, and thumbs up for that it is! The texture is so soft!

I bought a red mate lipsstick no. 110 (even though it looks rater pale on this picture sorry for that) and a coral mate lipstick no. 13. The only thing I'm a bit disappointed about the packaging, is the names.... there are no names just no... that sucks!! Come ooon Rimmel!! funny names are the best!!! Just like th O.P.I's nail polishes!
Here are two swatches in two different lights.


 -The color is vibrant
-Last for about 5-6 hours
-Doesn't feel like a lipstick

-Smells a bit to much of perfume to my liking, but not like crazy much just a hint
-It sticks a bit on everything (cups.... for example)

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