fredag den 20. juli 2012


Hello Everyone

I finally received my good box!! And now you're probably thinking, what the heck is good box. WELL my dear readers I shall tell you, if you’re from America then you will probably have an idea, or if you’re from UK. It's almost like Glossy box, but this is just a Danish version of the glossy box.

The idea of the good box, is marvelous and genius, you pay a certain amount of money per. month for me it's 100 or per month, and you will receive some samples, or full sized products from different skincare/make up companies. 

I love the packaging, but I expected it to be just a biiiit more girly .

Here are the product! This is actually my first time receiving a package so I really liked the fact that (since I'm a major allergic) this was products that wont give me an allergy break out, and of course just like Glossy box they put a small welcome card in the package and on the pack, is the individual product information and the original price of the products if they are full size.
So how this work is, you pay 100 kr for a package every month, your not bound, that means you can resign whenever you want so your not obligated to keep on paying for a box. After you've tried the products you go thei website and give your opinion on the products.
I will be posting my opinion on the different products on their website and my blog.
The only thing that I think is a bit of a downer that glossy box has, is american products that i really love, but Sephora came to denmark in March, so I think it won't be long before there will be a collaboration.

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