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5 Tips to better skin and a better lifestyle

Hello Everyone
So here are my 5 tips on how to stay healthy and prevent crazy motherfucker break-outs on your skin. 

Gaining weight is something that we all unfortunately experience at least once in our lifetime, and some gain weight easier than others. But it always happens at some point in your life, even if you are not the type of person that gain weight that easily, then it is actually possible for your metabolism to change, and it usually happens after you turn 20.
Break-outs/pimples on your skin, is not something that I have a miracle for, but I do have tips to prevent the out-breaks. Your skin tells a lot about you, like the state of your health, for example of you’re under a lot of stress, then the break-outs will tend to come out easier. I can’t tell you how you can immediately remove you’re break out’s but I can tell you how to prevent it from happening to often.

So the first tip is also the most important thing of all WATER.
1-Water is such an important component to the body, and the most healthiest way to stop you’re thirst is actually to drink water. Water has so many benefits, and it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. It also helps you cleanse you’re system, and yes if you’re pee is yellow then you don’t drink enough water, which means you are actually dehydrated, by not drinking enough. We can’t always keep track on how much water we actually drink, and that is why I recommend that you keep a bottle of water near you at all times, so during the day, you can actually keep track on how much water you drink.
When you cleanse you’re system with water, then you also prevent break-outs/pimples on your skin, since the reason to break-out/pimples, is that all the pollution, fat, waste from digesting food and so on. If they can’t get out through you’re system then they are forced to move through your skin. And I know that it sounds disgusting, but that is how the body works, it will find some other way to get the waste out of your body. So the more you urine you produce, thus more of the waste comes out of your body. 

2-Ecxersise is key to prevention, and what kind of prevention, almost everything. It prevents you from gaining to much fat weight and more muscle weight, it helps your breathing by expanding your lungs, and you’re giving you a better glow spiritually and physically, so that your health improves.  A lot of people may know this already, but there is good fat and not good fat, good fat is based on your thighs and your butt. The bad fat is based on your stomach, and isn’t good for you. The good fat benefits has a layer of Fat supplies essential fatty acids (EFA) and in addition, fat ferries vitamins A, D, E, and K -- known as the fat-soluble vitamins -- into and around the body.  Our body doesn’t naturally produce EFAs and we have to obtain it via food, so this is good fat that helps your skin and studies shows that it actually prolongs your life. A lot of people often get body fat (bad fat) and the equate dietary fat (good fat) with each other, so when you instantly look in the mirror and think you have a big butt, but think about it, it isn’t your butt and thighs that is bad for you but actually your stomach fat also known has body fat. 
The mental part of exercising is the pride you get afterwards, which is the good feeling of being proud of yourself. I’m not saying that you can’t be proud of yourself, any other way. But you get a better acceptance on how your body is built. We are all different, and we come in every size, color and shape, so remember to love yourself no matter what.

3- Getting enough sleep!
This is very important, which is very hard if your under pressure for example during exams or work, but getting enough sleep, helps you concentrate better and gives you a calm mind. That is one of the reason to why people tend to have a short fuse and end up snatching someones head of for no particular reason. It also helps your body to recharge, giving it some rest. Our bodies aren’t machines that can run constantly without sleep, we do need recharging, and if we don’t get enough sleep, the result will be, stress, anxiety and our sleeping and eating habits will change, and so will our skin. That is why some people tend to break-out when they are overseas, because of the jet lack, plus big huge black bags under your eyes is not something that everyone wants, and it is something that you avoid by getting enough sleep. So remember get enough sleep! I admit myself that sometimes I don’t get the enough sleep, but I still try my best.

4- Eat healthy
Big topic coming up, yes it is important to eat healthy, for example I have been a very busy 3 months, I have been working during the morning and going to school around the afternoon, and when I had to stop somewhere for lunch, it would be fast food and so unhealthy, and it showed on my skin not long after. It was first after I noticed my crazy break-out’s that I thought to myself, maybe it was about time I packed my lunch instead of going out and buying it. When I started doing so, it didn’t take long for my skin to look fairly nice again, and even if I washed my face daily, I still have problems with my skin. Eating varied is very important, and that means minimize the fast food to a minimum. One of the reasons to why people tend to gain weight when they eat junk/fast food, is because of the high amount of salt in the food. Salt holds onto water, which means if you eat a lot of fast food, then you hold onto the water that is in your body aka you start gaining weight.
Another great tip I got recently is the difference between salads, everyone knows salads, but actually really few people know what they actually can do. So for example what do big salad heads contain….. They contain water, so if you exercise and want to keep on being full during the day or when you exercise you actually have to eat big salad heads, because they contain water, which contains minerals and vitamins.
If you want to lose weight you have to eat much smaller salads with a small stalk, like roculla (I think it’s spelled that way) But they contain less water, and is very good for your digestive system, because it gives your stomach something to work with, but it has a bitter taste, so I recommend not to eat it by itself.

5- Mental balance
Remember always to love yourself for who you are, no matter what other people tell you. Always be true to yourself, and honest, and accept yourself and your body, don’t hate your body. But tell yourself that YOU ARE beautiful, even if you are trying to make a better you, don’t forget yourself and lose track of yourself. And remember to keep pushing on to your goals. Acceptance is the key for a good mental balance, accepting who you are and your body is very hard for a lot of people, and even if you set a goal that says I want to lose weight or I want to change this of that, then always remember to do it for yourself and not for others, or it might backfire at you.
Meditating is something I really enjoy doing, and I know that for many this really sounds so hokus pokus. But no it's simples you go into a sort of nothing box, to rest your mind by thinking og absolutly... nothing, and that can some times, make you more patient and less stressed. There are different ways to meditate, so I suggest that you contact someone you know in the martial arts department, or yoga, because it can help you calm your mind, but if people are up to it I can make a small blog tutorial on how I do it.

Thank you so much for reading; I hope that my five tips help you in any way.
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