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New Hair Color & review of L'oreal Féria

Hello Everyone :)

Last week I got a new hair color, I was a bit tired of always using the semi permanent coloring. Since it would leave my hair faster than i could count to ten, and I would always, ALWAYS only get to enjoy the coloring for like 2 days and it was gone after that.
And for those who have been following my blog, you know I have been talking about the L’oreal color pulse before, I now only have half a package left of the Peps Violine, and a whole package of electric black.
But since it doesn’t last very long in my hair, I’ve decided to save it for a special party event.
Instead of semi permanent I used permanent this time and I chose this brand.

Féria by Préférence P37 Plum Power

It’s the new and improved hair coloring from L’oreal, and they write on the package that the coloring has improved to a more vibrant color, and I must say wow they are not even kidding. I got one of my good friends to help me color my hair, since she is currently studying to become a hairdresser, she really wanted people to practice on, so I volunteered, since I wasn’t happy with my bleached hair that was caused by the sun.
 You can see here on the picture that my hair, is not black black, it's actually dark brown, and when the sun says hello during the summer, my hair gets lighter, which is normally not a problem if I have my hair down, but a huge problem when I constantly have my hair up in a ponytail. So when I finally to have my hair down, my hair has a weird color, because it would be lighter on one side, then some here and some there, so that is why i decided to color it, normally I don't color my hair that often. (1-2 a year)

So this is the picture the before and after coloring, if you click the picture bigger you can see that it has a strong plum color. The coloring itself did hurt or itch, but I do recommend to do the coloring outside or open a window, because the ammonium smell is quite strong, and I know alot of people are against ammonium, but it you want a long lasting haircolor, you need to use a haircolor with ammonium and Hydrogen peroxide This ingredient, comes in varying forms and strengths, and helps initiate the color-forming process and with  ammonium acting has as a catalyst, when the permanent hair color comes together with the peroxide, it creates a longer-lasting color. Another good tip is to have a towel, in a dark color, because red coloring get's on everything and everywhere!
Especially the first few days (4-5 washes, then the excess coloring will be washed out) after the coloring when you're taking a bath, and no white clothing before you know that the excess color is out of your hair, because when you start to sweat, it stains your clothes like crazy!
When I first stepped out to see the finished result, I was a bit shocked at how red it was, but it was mainly because I was standing under a spotlight, so for someone who has semi black/brown hair to suddenly have that bright a red color.... that was a shocker.
But when I stepped out of the light, it wasn't that bad, has you can see on the picture it's actually more of a shine. But the shine is actually different from where the light hits, sometimes it' actually a bit purple and then it changes to red, and I didn't notice at first, but Hopy actually pointed it out for me, my comeback joke to that was "I know... It's not a mood ring, it's mood hair"

Has the most allergic person of all time, I can recommend this brand, but you should still (no matter what) do an allergic test reaction, to test if you're allergic to the hair coloring or not. But for me it worked perfectly not itching, no pain, no sudden rash on my scalp, which is something I normally easily get. The other plus about this product is the tube of conditioner you get with the package. It protects and enhances the color, it last about 6 weeks, and I know it works, since I got a compliment from a guy in my class, who pointed out that my hair was more red now than a few days ago, so that's a plus.
So at the moment, no downside beside the smell. I hoped you enjoyed the review and my great new haircolor.

Thank you for reading and have a fabulous day
Over and OUT!

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