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Review: Laneige Water bank gel cream

hello everyone, SO sorry for the slow updates, but I need to try them products before I can say anything about them.
Recently I have received from my dear cousin, who was in Korea this summer, if he could buy me some laneige products, since it's really hard and expensive to buy it here in Europe. I have heard ALOT on the laneige products, but mainly have I have heard nothing, but good reviews from the users who have been using these products, and since I have major hormonal acne going on since summer, I needed something new, since my trusted clinique was kinda not help me out that much (which is sad, since I just bought a bottle of face wash, in spring ARGH! But since I'm a cheapo, I am going to use it ALL!)

These are the products that I got from him!

So I wanted to try another BB cream than my skin79 BB cream, I have the golden one, so I wanted to try the pink one, and the one from Missha. It was actually quite hard for me to decide if I wanted to order it or not. But I did it, and how it went I will write another blog post on that.
So of the laneige products I bought (yes i gave him money of course, half of the price, since we agreed the rest would be my birthday gift YAY! )  The Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream, The Laneige Multicleanser and The Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel.

So, the first in line for the review this week is the water bank gel cream, since it's winter and it's freaking snowy and cold outside, my skin gets SUPER dry, and it's so dry that it actually hurts, and normal day cream is just  not enough, and I don't like having a fat cream all over my face, AAAaaAall the time. So originally I wanted the one for my black circles, but this is almost the so here it is.

SUCH A PRETTY CONTAINER! and it comes with a scooper.
When you open it, it has a removable lid, and to keep it from sticking on the main lid (can you write that....)
And if you look closely you can se that it's not a cream, but more like a gel consistancey, so here are the pro and cons.

+It's a gel not a cream, which I really love, then you don't need to use a whole lot of product to cover your whole face.
+It so hydrating that it almost feels like putting water on your face, but it just stays there.
+There is a scooper! aka NO BACTERIAS inside the jar!
+When you put it on it gives a really nice cooling effect, so that your redness are actually reduced.
+... I have to write this, the container, I mean look at the design! It's super pretty.

-It smells alot of perfume, and normally I'm allergic to perfume, so when I opened it I was like.. oh no!.. But when I tested it out. NO REACTION.. which is a plus, but the smell is a bit of a minus, since I can smell it on my face.
-There isn't alot in the jar, so I'm a bit aaaah... especially since I know that this stuff isn't like cheap cheap. It says that there is 50 mL in, which should last while, but from the looks of it.

So this is my review on this product, and as you can see I really like this product alot, even if it smells a lot of perfume, I still love this stuff, and my skin loves it! When I put it on my face, my redness is reduced, the dryness is like GONE, my dark circles are reduced, so I really LOVE this product. My cousins who are 12 and 14 tried it out, and they were like "WOW!! It's like walking outside the cold wind is softly hitting your face!" and I couldn't agree more!. So this is it from now, and I am moving out next week so I hope that I will be able to post before that.
 Merry Christmas everyone, and take care.

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